When and How

Join together Saturday May 7 (Mother’s Day weekend) to stand against the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion and protect the planet! 

We will assemble in a human chain, encircling Burnaby Mountain in a hug, to convey a powerful message of shared concern for our Mother Earth. Bring your family and friends and join others in this movement inspired by other iconic human chains in history and around the world. Stand hand-in-hand, bring a lawn chair and picnic, be close or leave a safe distance with those who are outside of your household – all are welcome in the mode of participation that is comfortable for you! Become a part of local history and be on record for protecting the planet!

find a meeting location

Browse the map below to find the most convenient meeting station for you. Click on the icons for details on location and which host organization you can expect to see there. We will gather at meeting stations at 1pm on May 7th & host organizations will organize our spread along the route.

Why we care and why Burnaby Mountain

Climate change is happening and we are in a crisis that demands drastic reductions in use of fossil fuels. We must stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure. The Trans Mountain Expansion will increase global emissions. It is the opposite of what scientists and health experts have been ever more urgently advising for years and undermines Canada’s commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. Burnaby Mountain is a highly impacted site of the construction as it hosts the Burnaby Terminal (a collection of storage tanks) and the Burnaby Mountain Tunnel, which will involve boring through the mountain to accommodate the pipeline. Residents of Burnaby, students, faculty and staff of Simon Fraser University and nearby schools, and the City of Burnaby, Vancouver and New Westminster oppose TMX. On May 7, let’s gather to sound our collective message of NO MORE PIPELINES! Show the mountain some love!

Inspired by local gatherings and human chain protests across time, space and generations

Brought to you by Protect the Planet, Stop TMX – a grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to stopping the expansion of this tar sands pipeline – and partners:

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